Humanist Studies Program

The AHA Center for Education Humanist Studies Program (HSP) is a unique graduate-level experience where individuals are engaged to build competencies and skills in the pursuit of acquiring a broader, deeper knowledge of Humanism. Our courses provide an educational environment that supports a collaborative community inclusive of all humanist perspectives, ranging from secular to religious, and enhances one’s ability to reach individual aspirations.

Humanist Course I

The Nature of Being

Pre-requisite course

The nature of being and the orientation of human beings within social and natural realities have been considerations of humanity for...

Humanism Course II

Knowledge, Justification & Humanist Epistemologies

From the time of the ancient Greeks, humans have contemplated the best way to understand the natural world, to comprehend truth, to...

Humanism Course III

Ethics and Aesthetics

Humanism is in essence both a personal and communal search for how to live a meaningful, purposeful life within a naturalistic understanding of reality. Humanists...

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